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IMG_0043Black Tie Grinders started with a simple idea, make a premium quality grinder that has both class and sophistication.  The makers of Black Tie Grinders had noticed that most grinders for sale were either an acrylic toy meant for children, or cost a ridiculous price for unexceptional performance.  With that in mind we went to work developing an herb grinder that could stand up with any other grinder on the market and was affordable to the masses.

Truth is, we feel that everyone deserves to have a piece of the good life.  

In terms of performance our grinders are unmatched.  When 4103_10you grind herbs using your Black Tie Grinder the finished product is a perfectly even and fine grind.  Our grinders feature 50 diamond shaped teeth and a micron steel mesh that will filter out everything but the finest herbs. Neodymium magnets keep the cap in place so that everything stays just as it should while grinding.  As for fit, Black Tie Grinders are manufactured using CNC machines ensuring that each piece fits snug.

We have also grown our brand to include the Pink Bow Grinder line.  As we began selling our signature Black Tie Grinder we also noticed that there are not many grinders that have the style and sophistication that modern women desire.  We have instilled the same quality components of the Black Tie into a whole new package and pink color scheme.  Pink Bow: the first designer grinder.

Lastly, we have a 100% money back guarantee on our grinders.  If for any reason you find that your Black Tie Grinder does not live up to your expectations please return for a full refund, no questions asked.

So, what are you waiting for? Step up to quality, step up to class, step up to Black Tie Grinders.

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Black Tie Grinders

4660 Shires CT

Columbus OH, 43220