Introducing Black Tie Next Level

Introducing Black Tie Next Level

5024_106_newOh, so you thought we’d be content to produce the best herb grinder at the best price?  Well think again.  We’ve gone back to the drawing board and come out with an all new and improved grinding experience.  Our new Black Tie “Next Level” Grinder has several new features that give it a step-up over our previous version without sacrificing the quality that has given Black Tie Grinders the reputation as one of the best grinder brands.

Next Level Improvements

Now that we’ve made it clear that we aren’t messing around when it comes to providing you with grinding bliss, let’s breakdown the improvements.  First, the overall grinding action on our new grinders is noticeably better than our old version.  Herb is chopped up with little effort and the chamber threads are even more precise than before.

Our new Black Tie Grinder also has a pollen screen that is reinforced with a metal ring.  Previously, this ring was made of plastic.  The metal ring will offer stronger reinforcement keeping the pollen working perfectly for years.

5024_22Each Black Tie Grinder now comes with a carrying pouch.  This pouch is durable and has drawstrings that allow you to protect your grinder during your journey.  Also, our Black Tie Grinders now come with two pollen scrapers so that you won’t be out of luck if you lose one.

Lastly, our pollen chamber has gotten a face lift.  No longer does our pollen chamber have any CNC threads inside and is completely smooth on the bottom.  The sides of our pollen chamber are now rounded which makes using your pollen scraper to get pollen so much easier than before.  Now every ounce of your pollen goes where it should.

The goal of these changes was to take our customers’ feedback and put them into action.  We hope you pick up a new Black Tie Grinder for yourself or as a gift so that you can see the work we’ve put in to take a great grinder and make it even better.


Nick Daniels
Black Tie Grinders

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