The #1 Grinder Brand

The #1 Grinder Brand

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“The Black Tie Grinder combines both quality and class, and is recognized to be one of the best grinders out there.”

“The Black Tie Grinder has 50 teeth and a micron steel mesh that filters out everything but the finely ground herbs.”

Men’s Journal

“ highly recommends you buy a Black Tie Grinder. For the price, you are getting high end performance that you can carry around.”

“I might like to go to a Black Tie event as my gift for Valentine’s Day this year after all.”

“The best grinder from our testing is the Black Tie Grinder.  It is the complete grinding package and has many features that set it apart from the competition.”

“Black Tie Grinders are the perfect grinder brand for your special day.”




“Honestly the best grinder I’ve ever had, ground up my botanicals perfectly for my vape and ended up having my first foursome and getting arrested/grinder taken the same night, and I think I owe thanks to this grinder for it. 5/5 will buy again.”

“Best grinder on the market, and I have tried them all. Did the job when more spendy ones could not. The magnetized lid is genius and so strong. I volunteer in a medical marijuana dispensary and this is the go to product.”


“Literally better than my spacecase in every way (weight, herb quality and fineness, screen quality) except I find the lid magnet to be a little weak, in that if I hold the grinder by just the lid the bottom will fall off. Still a full 5 stars, because the other features are nicer than my 60$ grinders”


“Writing this 3/8/15. I was looking for a new grinder. Something worth $20+. I debated going all out and getting the spacecase. I am so glad I didn’t. I spent 2 weeks going back and forth. Sharpstone, Cali crusher, space case or Black tie. It had 2 reviews against 100s from the other guys. Why I picked Black Tie and am happy with my purchase: tooth design and count. I found for its size it had the best designed teeth to grind and the highest count of teeth. Its very smooth and everything I could of wanted and more. The screen is top notch. And the price was a big help. Would buy again and recommend. 10/10” -S.

“After reading many Amazon and online reviews I decided to go with the Black Tie. First impression was of the company itself. Nick contacted me saying thank you and giving me instructions and letting me know if anything wasn’t to my standard to let him know. Then I received the product and the look, feel, and function of it all seemed very high quality at a much lower price than other comparable grinders. Nick once again contacted me to make sure I was happy with the product. So far I am very pleased with the product, price, and service! Highly recommend to try it out if you are looking!” -MikeJ

“The grinding is so smooth. Came with two little scrapers and it’s easy to scrape because the bottoms is rounded. Great product ! Keep it up guys.”